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Considering a Commercial Painting Contractor

Considering a Commercial Painting Contractor

A large Commercial Painting task is not a decision you take lightly. When Considering a Commercial Painting Contractor, finding the right company in Queensland that are experienced with handling large projects, while also doing a great job, is essential to the finished project.

If you’re looking for a Commercial Painter in South East Queensland, take a look at our five tips below to consider when searching for the best contractor available for your Painting Project, before making your decision.

Ask Local Businesses, Colleagues, Friends & Family

Your first point of contact should be to ask other local business owners within your area if they can recommend anyone. You should also ask colleagues, friends and family, that you know you can trust, to find out who they’ve used in the past and what the quality of the workmanship was. Our experience is that ‘word of mouth’ is the best way in which to find a reliable and professional company to work with. If you’re still not satisfied with the choices you get, you can always Search Google for the best Painters Gold Coast & Brisbane have to offer. You will be able to read reviews of their previous clients and get a good idea of what others have experienced when they’ve worked with them. There are also many review sites to consider also. Be sure to choose carefully and ensure they have excellent credible reviews and avoid any questionable ones!

Spruce It Up Painting are well known for being the Large Commercial Project Painters

Make Sure You Research Thoroughly

You may be fortunate to have several companies to consider, but now the real research begins. Always ask for references from all options available and if possible (and permitted), follow up with these previous clients and confirm they are still pleased with the work carried out by the Painters. Check and confirm if the Painting Contractors have any required (and current) licenses as well as the necessary insurance and warranties available, to better protect yourself in the event of an accident or potential issue later. Check with the Auustralian Business Register ABR to confirm their trading status and how long they’ve been in business. Learn if they are trade members with any large reputable company such as Dulux or Taubmans (who warranty the work of their members), as this will ensure your warranty is worthwhile. The more you know, the better the decision you can make, about the companies you are considering.

Spruce It Up Painting are Dulux Accredited & Taubmans Certified for your protection. Don’t take a chance by not using an industry recognised painter!

Get Estimates

When you begin to narrow down your choices, select your best three painters and request a full detailed quote from each company (Click Here to organise a site visit for a quote from Spruce It Up Painting). These quotes should be reasonably close in price (providing your dealing with three reputable like for like painters). Should any particular price be excessively high or too low, this should be red flag. A low rate can often suggest the painter doesn’t provide quality work, hasn’t fully considered the job or cuts corners, while an excessive rate may suggest you are paying over the odds for reputation other than for the actual work to be completed.

Question Everything

There are many questions to consider, but you may not think of immediately.

– Will the company be completing the work?
– Will they be using a sub-contractor?
– What products will the be using?
– How long should the job take?
– Is there a guarantee/warranty available and how long for?
– Who backs the warranty?
– Do they have the correct and current insurance and who by?
– Do they have valid and current licenses to work on your particular site?

As the customer, you need to be very specific when it comes to the scope of the project and what you expect from the contractor. You should ensure that you meet them on location and walk them through the site before making your final decision. This will allow you to get a better idea of the company you are working with, while also allowing the contractor the opportunity to further assess the complete scope of the works required and deliver a more accurate quote. This will give you a fully detailed idea of what to expect when you make your final decision.

Final Decision & Attention to Detail

When you make your Final Decision, you should consider asking for a detailed written contract (if one has not been offered), so you can review, before the project begins, ensuring you are completely happy that they have understood your project and they have listened to all you’ve requested.

A contract gives you peace of mind when it comes to paying a deposit. It will also give you the opportunity to question or seek clarification for anything you may be unsure of, prior to the work commencing. Always check everything twice and understand the contract fully (especially the fine print, if there is any). The contract is to protect you should anything go wrong or in the event of a disagreement. It should cover essentials from, the complete outline of the job (preparation to final clean up of the work site), estimated starts and end dates and importantly the agreed payment. Verify all information set out in the contract you’ve received is correct and understood.

Choosing a commercial painting contractor throughout the Gold Coast & Brisbane will likely take some time. The effort you make however could save a lot more effort later if you need to remedy any mistakes.

We hope this helps when you come to make your decision for your next commercial painting job.

Thank you for considering Spruce It Up Painting and visiting our website. Please take the time to visit us on Facebook or Google and check out our reviews!!!

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